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Medicare Supplement Plan F

Plan F Covers All The Gaps!

Medicare Plan F is the most popular Medicare supplement in the United States. It has been the #1 seller with Baby Boomers for many years. According to a 2012 report from America’s Health Insurance professionals, about 53% of the 10.2 million Medicare policies in force were a Medicare Plan F policy.

Medicare Plan F offers the most comprehensive coverage and is the only plan that covers the Part B deductible.

This popular supplement is the number one selling Medicare plan among Baby Boomers. It’s popularity is due to the great coverage it provides. It also pays for all of the gaps in standard Medicare insurance, including hospital and outpatient deductibles.

Therefore, Plan F covers the co-payments that you would have to pay if you did not have supplemental Medicare insurance. As a result, Medicare participants love not getting any bills for their medical treatment!


Low or No Out-Of-Pocket Costs

With low or zero out-of-pocket costs, most Medicare participants usually purchase Medicare Plan F to help cover their medical costs.

Therefore, we make sure to handle ALL of the carriers in Michigan that offer this plan. While most people are familiar with coverage from Blue Cross and AARP, there are many other noteworthy carriers to choose from like: Mutual of Omaha, Aetna, Government Personal Life, Gerber, Family Life, Equitable and TransAmerica. Many of these carriers are easier to work with and have better rates.

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All of our services are absolutely free to you. You always receive the lowest available prices for Medicare Supplements (Medigap) and Medicare Advantage plans when you work with Go Medicare Insurance Plans. With the help of a GO Medicare Insurance Advisor, find the Medigap plan that is best for your needs and budget.