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Happy customers.

“My son applied for Medicaid this morning! I read him your email, he didn’t resist at all. Thank you so much for all your help and patience with me. Oh, when I told the customer service representative that he was applying because of the “high cost of medicine he has to take daily,” she expedited his application. I’m praying he is accepted. Again, thank you so much!”

Deborah H.

Dale City, Virginia

“You have been great, and I highly recommend you. I have a friend turning 65 in August and she already has your info. It’s just too soon to do
anything for her. Thank you.”

Pat V.

Macomb, Michigan

“Thanks for replying Larry. You are the best insurance agent I have ever dealt with. My wife is stuck with a health insurance company that covers nothing and charges astronomically high prices; horrible, horrible, horrible company. They just cover absolutely nothing!!! She won’t be 65 until late next year. I can’t wait, but she is stuck for now. Just thought I’d let you know where we are. I always appreciated you and you seem to be the most honest agent I ever knew.”

Gary G.

Norway, Michigan

“Thanks for taking the time to notify us. That kind of service is noticed and appreciated. I look forward to working with your organization. Please feel free to quote. You’ve earned it. Take care.”

Larry V.

Lansing, Michigan

“Thank you for all your help. As you know finding an affordable plan for us layman is over whelming!! We really appreciate your help in finding us affordable health care!! Thank you again.”

Lorraine B.

Ravenna, Michigan

“Thanks for your help. Appreciate you guiding us through all this. Not sure how people might manage this on their own.”

Cindy R.

Portage, Michigan

“This letter goes to anyone who needs help with any type of health insurance. I found Larry and his company very helpful in completing the very difficult job of applying for Medicare and supplement insurance. He is very honest and dependable. When I had a question within a few hours he was there to help. I wish I would of used him first rather than trying to do this myself. What a relief. The best part about this program it cost me nothing for his help. You can feel free to call me any time to ask about Larry’s program or his company.
Thank you Larry!”

Dennis Z.

Barryton, Michigan

“I love this book you sent us. It is very comprehensive and informative. Everything is right there that you need to know. You have been helpful, I will
recommend you to everyone.”

Joanne M.

Canton, Michigan

“It is also great working with you. You provide an great service for retirees. Navigating health care has gotten very complicated. Thanks again.”

Linda W.

Rochester Hills, Michigan

“Hi Larry, you don’t know me but your name was given to me by MaryLou J. from Deckerville and she is my sister in law. My husband turns 65 in October 2017 and she said you were very helpful to her and her late husband and wanted me to have your name for when we need advice next year. Anyway, a few days ago, I gave your info to my new neighbor, Diane W and she came by today to echo Mary Lou’s praise of you. Is it okay to continue giving your name out? Maybe you could send me a few cards if so. I have several friends who I think you may be able to assist.”

JoAnn H.

Croswell, Michigan

We Appreciate all your hard work, and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Ron G.

Davison, Michigan

“I will send you the list of medications because the doctor mentioned that she thought there were tiers or levels of cost or percentages that insurance might pay. I had to make a special request with documentation from the doctor to even get coverage on Victoza. Thanks for your help! I appreciate you guiding us through all of this. Not sure how people manage this on their own.”

Mary R.

Rome, Indiana

“I love you honey, you have done so good for me. I would have lost my house and everything. It was the best meeting I’ve ever been to,
so informative!”

Robertina C.

Northville, Michgian

“I am so appreciative of your drug plan analysis. I wish I had gotten information like that years ago! You are going to save me so much money. I will be telling all of my friends about you!”

Michael R.

Clinton Township, MI

“I want to thank you so much! You’ve been a blessing and I’ll recommend you to everyone.”

Patti S.

Dearborn, Michigan

“I just can’t get over how nice you are, and how much help you have been to us”.

Diane R.

Canton, Michigan

“Thanks Larry. You just keep on doing what you’re doing because you’re doing good!”

Bob Z.

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

“I really appreciate everything you did for us. I was amazed at how quickly you got everything squared away. I’ve been recommending you
to all my friends!”

Chris Z.

Farmington Hills, Michigan

“I have someone to refer to you. His name is also Larry, my brother. He is 64 right now, but will be turning 65 on April 24th in 2018. I told him about you and how pleased I have been with your
knowledge and expertise.”

Tom K.

Lincoln Park, Michigan

“Your booklet and your presentation is awesome. This is awesome material. I’m a visual learner so this was very helpful for me.”

Joe V.

Mequon, Wisconsin

“I would appreciate you calling with me about this matter. You’re the professional when it comes to insurance companies. It can get quite intimidating when you read and talk with some representatives. Besides, if you call or click on an insurance company to research, you get 9,000 calls. You know what I mean. Thanks, Larry. I looking forward to hearing from you either by email or phone.”

Karen R.

Hockley, Texas

“Thank you for the birthday card & lottery ticket. We are glad you can help us with the insurance.  It’s nice to know we can rely on you for our insurance.”

Jerry W.

Prescott, Michigan

Hi Larry,
Hope you and the family are doing well. This summer has been a hot one, but everything is going pretty good for me. I want to thank you for helping my friend Amy Rose in getting her coverage she was as confused as I, till she called you. My financial advisor has clients in the same boat as Amy and myself were, so I gave him your name and number. I’m not sure if has called you yet, so in case he hasn’t, here is his name and number:
Jeff XXX @ XXX & XXX, 734-666-XXX  and 734-666-XXX . His office is on Victor Parkway in Livonia. Have a wonderful day!

Diane W.

Brownstown, Michigan

All testimonials can be substantiated upon request.